100 Years Young

Degenerative illnesses are not our natural birthright.

100 YEARS YOUNG combines the best of conventional wisdom with leading edge enlightened science.

This book explains in simple, non-technical language the secrets of preventing and combating disease and deterioration before serious illness impacts our later years.

  • Find out why humans are genetically programmed to live well past 100 years.
  • Learn how degenerative illnesses that shorten our lives should not be considered our natural birthright.
  • Learn how to stop daily insults to your immune system and reclaim your natural right to a long, healthy & productive life.
  • Discover why orthodox medicine is now trying desperately to catch up with holistic medicine.
  • 100 YEARS YOUNG tells you how to combat cancer and other serious illnesses with the powerful effects of natural medicines.

Whether you're an old hand or you're relatively new to holistic health practices and alternative medicine, this is a great book to immerse yourself in and get up to speed quickly.

Makes a wonderful gift for a loved one.

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260 pages | Quality Soft Cover | Illustrated


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100 YEARS YOUNG / Gary Courtenay ND et al:

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