A Healthier Weight

A unique weight management view that addresses the whole person and guides you to a healthier weight. 

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This sensitively written book is a unique read aimed at inspiring couch potatoes to get up and get moving. Forcing you to question your motivations for eating, the authors ask: why do you want to lose weight? What diets have you been on in the past? What are your associations with food from your childhood?

Throughout the book, real life dieters record their feelings about food. One woman attributes her weight problems to growing up in the depression: "You didn't waste food. You ate everything on your plate." Another talks about her family's restaurant and the daily dinnertime discussions about food: "Food was all we talked about at dinner. It wasn't a very pleasant time. It was very anxiety ridden for me."

"Feeling good about yourself" is the title of another chapter which delves into self-esteem and body image. Self-esteem, say the authors, "...is basically an internal support system that helps you function well."
This is NOT your typical book on losing weight and becoming skinny. This book is about getting down to a healthier weight without starvation diets and extreme exercise routines.

Deflated self-esteem may be one of the most underrated causes of obesity. Developing your potential, will help you lose the feelings of "worthlessness and incompetence" that contribute to a poor body image.

Over 15 tips for increasing your self-esteem, such as making a list of your attributes and accomplishments actually provides a mini-workshop for readers.

Chapters on increasing physical activity and choosing nutritious foods are useful for understanding the real reasons for resisting exercise.

Why do many people enthusiastically start exercise programs on January 1st and by the end of February tear up their gym membership?

The authors provide a list of considerations for exercisers who face that problem. They suggest choosing activities you enjoy - sounds logical, but how easy is it to become burned out after one too many tae-bo kicks?

Make sure exercise is part of your routine, the authors say, but if you tire of jogging, try speed walking instead. Figure out when the most likely time for exercising is for you and stick to it. Don't make it a decision, make it a given.

Handy charts on food sources are easy to read -better yet, tear them out and post them on your fridge or on the inside of your cupboard. The more accessible the information is, the more likely you will be to use it.


160 pages | Quality Soft Cover



Barbara Tanenbaum, M.A., R.D. Research Dietician, General Clinical Research Center, New England Medical Center, Boston, Mass.

Junaidah Barnett, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Community Health, Tufts University Medical School, Boston, Mass.

Tim Cummings, M.S.W. Research Social Worker, General Clinical Research Center, New England Medical Center, Boston Mass.


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