GARLIC: The Super Cure

Super-charge your immune system and live longer, happier and healthier.


This lively and well-documented guide to optimum health not only reveals how to prevent and treat disease, but how to prepare 148 gourmet recipes using this wonder plant.

One of the most researched books ever written on garlic to date, you will find information on:

  • garlic, statins and aspirin
  • relief for the common cold
  • lowering high blood pressure
  • cancer, aging and memory loss
  • the 3 minute sinus headache relief
  • reving up your sex life
  • relief from arthritis, gout and much more

Includes 148 mouth-watering garlic and wine recipes. There's even a section on garlic for your pet!


238 pages | Quality Soft Cover | Illustrated


"This book could well save your life! Not only is garlic one of the most potent blood thinners, but its broad spectrum antibiotic effects are legion.

GARLIC: The Super Cure documents both of these effects as well as the powerful detoxifying and numerous other fantastic benefits.

I personally enjoy aged garlic products and have recommended them to my patients for years."

JAMES R. PRIVATERA, MD, Specialist in Allergy and Nutrition, Covina, California, author (with Alan Stang) of SILENT CLOTS.

GARLIC: THE SUPER CURE/Scheer, Allison, Fox

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