Hormonal Health

Discover the nutritional & hormonal strategies for emotional well-being & intellectual longevity.

Dr. Colgan believes that his approach will inhibit aging and improve the quality of life in both men and women. He uses the very latest clinical findings to confirm tremendous benefits from his new hormonal health program of nutrition, exercise & supplementation -new strategies, that he claims greatly enhance emotional well-being and intellectual longevity.

  • Explore the current myths & misinformation on hormone replacement therapies
  • Learn that the sometimes devastating effects of menopause & perimenopause are no longer "all in a woman's head" -that they are very real and very treatable
  • Read how improper nutrition and commonly prescribed medications affect sexuality & create personality disorder
  • Start your anti-aging strategy immediately and maintain your hormones at a youthful, healthful level


272 pages | Quality Soft Cover | Illustrated



From 1971 to 1982, Michael Colgan, PhD, CCN, renowned scientist, author and lecturer, was a senior member of the Science Faculty of the University of Auckland, New Zealand. From 1980 to 1982, he was a visiting scholar at the Rockefeller University in New York.

Since 1979, he was Director of the Colgan Institute formed in Auckland, New Zealand in 1974. In 1982, its head office and laboratory were relocated to San Diego, California.

His professional memberships include the American College of Sports Medicine, the New York Academy of Sciences, and the British Society of Nutritional Medicine. He is also on the Council of International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists.

Dr. Colgan is the author of several best selling books and he has authored more than nine hundred popular articles.

Dr. Colgan currently resides in British Columbia, Canada.

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