Muscle Medicine

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The book comes with a 15 minute DVD video on the proper way of giving an effective on-the-spot "over-the-clothes" massage.

Muscle Medicine is a fully illustrated and easy-to-understand guide that will help readers appreciate the nature of their own muscular makeup and the simple techniques that allow muscles to function at optimum levels.

Author Anne Robert, R.N., R.M.T. has spent years studying and teaching the importance of proper muscle maintenance.

The valuable lessons learned during her 17 plus years as a Registered Nurse in both Canada and the US were successfully integrated into her current practice as a Registered Massage Therapist.

Muscle Medicine will become your remedy for unhindered muscle performance for many years to come.

Use this simple guide to:

  • Get a quick lesson in muscle anatomy and find out why muscles fail
  • Learn the often simple steps to muscle repair so you'll hurt less, recover quicker!
  • Discover relaxation techniques to bring relief to muscles -almost like magic!
  • Protect yourself from "Repetitive Strain Injury"
  • Utilize the simple, yet effective techniques of Hydro Therapy
  • Use stretching to gain optimum muscle performance
  • Unleash the power of your fingertips by doing muscle massage -correctly!
  • Read how stress, lifestyle attitudes and choices greatly impact muscle health
  • Learn how to give a soothing onsite, 15 minute "over-the-clothes" massage


104 pages | Large Format | Illustrated | DVD Edition


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MUSCLE MEDICINE: Your Guide to Muscle Health/Anne Robert R.N.

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